Stamatoula Mavromatis Chlentzos was on born November 1, 1906 in Christoforianika, Kythera. Her father was Antonis Mavromatis and her mother was Giannoula Dionisiou Koulentianos. In 1931, a handsome young man returned to his homeland to find a wife. Angelo Panagiotis Chlentzos (1895-1982) had immigrated to the USA with his father and siblings in the early 1900’s.  Now that his sisters Mary and Florence were married, it was time for him to find a bride to settle down with. Stamatoula recalls the day Angelo arrived in the village. After meeting briefly after a service at Agios Vasilis, the church of the village, Angelo asked Stamatoula’s father for her hand in marriage. Just three months later, Stamatoula would leave her family behind and make the long journey to America.

Angelo & Stamatoula Chlentzos’ Family Photos

November 20, 2005 
at the home of Tedde and Tikey Zes 
in San Jose, California, 
Stamatoula Mavromatis Chlentzos 
identifies members of the 
Chlentzos family from Kythera
in her old family photographs
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